leeuwenhart, Rotterdam

Leeuwenhart is strategically located in Rotterdam-South, in the transition area between the multicultural Afrikaanderwijk and the new developments of Parkstad.

The Hilledijk, that encloses the plan area on two sides, is an important starting point for the urban planning concept. The greenery of the dike penetrates to the heart of the plan.

Leeuwenhart is inclusive, diverse and above all: Leeuwenhart connects!

The central, publicly accessible park area is connected to the surrounding urban fabric by passages of various importance. This creates a plan that doesn’t close itself off from its environment, but that forms an important link between the various areas that are located around.

Each building block within the ensemble of four residential buildings and a school has a recognizable identity, which is not only visible in the architectural elaboration, but also in the programming of the courtyards. The generous plinth along the Paul Krugerstraat facilitates a commercial program.

In addition to the central, publicly accessible, park, the landscape design consists of three collective gardens, each with its own character: a patio, a production garden and a courtyard with a Mediterranean atmosphere. Special attention has been paid to the design of the plinths and the transition zones between the public, collective and private domain. The wide variaty of front and back gardens, terrace zones, planting areas, decking and encroachment zones provide different levels of privacy, depending on the location in the plan area.

The facades of the blocks are designed based on a grid and materialized in masonry in various red-brown tones. Sometimes the grid is orthogonal, sometimes arches form the starting point for the facade layout. The distinction is within the grid, where laser-cut panels and ceramic tiles provide refinement and an extra level of detail.

Sustainability is an important pillar of the design. In addition to various solutions for energetic sustainability, the water issue has also been carefully worked out and integrated into the landscape design. Themes as social sustainability, circularity and nature inclusivity are an integral part of the project.

Project Details
  • Site
  • Rotterdam
  • Client
  • Nederlandse Bouw Unie
  • Design
  • 2020
  • Size
  • 32.500 m2
  • Assignment
  • Tender
  • Team
  • Patrick Meijers, Jeroen Schipper, Angeliki Chantzopoulou, Bas Kegge, Paul Kierkels, Athanasia Kalaitzidou, Paulina Kurowska, Ivan Shkurko, Elena Staskute, Irina Vaganova
  • Collaboration
  • Studio AAAN, Felixx Landscape Architects
  • Advisors
  • Merosch
  • Visuals
  • Proloog