mixed use project

St. Petersburg, Russia

mixed use project


Plot 06







The Block 6 project is the result of the winning competition entry for Vasilievsky Island; Golden City by KCAP+Orange, in December 2015. Block 6 is located in the most south east corner of the Golden City Project, bordering the new cruise ship harbour.

Block 6 consists of 2 closed perimeter blocks with 4 high rise elements on top. Both blocks are comparable in size, with a GFA of around 25.000 m2 above ground. The perimeter blocks contain 5 floors on top of a commercial plinth; the maximum program height is 18 floors. From the second floor up, the program of both blocks consists of housing. The total amount of apartments is close to 600, more or less equally divided over the two blocks.

The setup of the ground plan refers to the structure of St. Petersburg’s centre with solid urban blocks and diversity of the enclosed urban gardens and courtyards. This classic urban setup offers shelter and protection to the lower levels and generates a variety of public spaces bordered mainly by 6 floors high facades.

‘..The towers allow unique panoramas towards the sea and the city..’

The covered porticoes and promenades offer protected and comfortable walks through the site from one courtyard to another. The coastal location of the site requires pleasant and comfortable living and working conditions; a neighbourhood with green enclosed gardens – on the water but protected from the wind – enjoyable for staying.

The passages to the different courts are designed as cuts in the perimeter blocks, up to 3 storeys, all designed with expressive ceiling elements.






ground floor
west facade

The project setup varies per block, but remains always rational. A 3,3 meter grid forms the base for both urban blocks. Within the grid system a huge variety of housing plans is possible, offering flexibility for different sizes. The system seamlessly fits with the parking situated under the urban blocks.

The towers form the layer above the urban blocks; like an ensemble of vertical buildings, with the highest peak reaching to a height of 100 meters. By lobbies and vertical circulation cores the slender towers connect to their respective urban blocks below. The towers allow unique panoramas towards the sea and the city from all the apartments.

‘..The spires are the jewels of the plan, they spring up from the facades below!..’

The western block facades are defined by an informal framework in white GRC, filled in with deep-positioned Champagne coloured aluminium window frames and facade panels. Glazed winter gardens are naturally integrated in the facade theme, which is further enriched by a random placement of individual French balconies. In the courtyard the facade theme changes from a more irregular to a more regular grid structure, emphasizing the difference between the inside and outside of the block.






westblock facade
long section
central park





The facades of the eastern block are defined by a vertical framework of pronounced ribs in white Aluminium form panels, filled in with bronze coloured aluminium window frames and facade panels. The vertical elements give the facade a rich three-dimensional appearance, Glazed winter gardens are combined with fences, creating French balconies and subtly hiding the ventilation for the airco-unit, that is placed in a basket on the loggia.

‘..This classic urban setup offers shelter and protection to the lower levels and generates a variety of public spaces..’

The plinths are designed differently. They have a bigger floor height, to open up better to the surroundings. Various public functions can be housed here. The golden colour of the spires reverberates in the colonnades, the shop windows and the carefully designed entrances to the housing complexes. Natural blue stone cladding supplements the golden facade elements in the plinth on all close parts, both in the exterior facades, and in the courtyards.

The spires are the jewels of the plan. They spring up from the facades below through the refined transition from square to triangular framework. The spires are always finished in a golden colour. They grow like enchanting Fabergé-like patterns to give the blocks their expressive, recognizable, and iconic character.

east facade
eastblock facade
technical detail facade eastblock



site: Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg, Russia

client: Glorax Development

team: KCAP Architects & Planners + ORANGE architects i.c.w A.Len

ORANGE team: Patrick Meijers, Jeroen Schipper, Giuseppe Bonavita, Gloria Caiti, Paul Kierkels, Casper van Leeuwen, Misa Marinovik, Julija Osipenko, Niek van der Putten, Erika Ruiz, Elena Staskute, Rumen Yosifov

KCAP team: Han van den Born, Ruurd Gietema, Masha Pidodnia, Iana Samakaeva, Justina Stefanovic, Riikka Tuomisto, Oleg Urenev

date: october 2016 >

size: 51.300 m2 (4.000 m2 retail + 47.300 m2 housing) + 9.850 m2 parking

costs: confidential

status: under construction

awards: International property awards 2016-2017

livestream: click here

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