concept villa

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

concept villa





The magic and spatial beauty of a natural cavern, a Cenote, with its carved out spaces and halls, was the inspiration for this assignment. The Cenote appears as an indoor oasis, naturally lit by stripes of daylight that reflect in its enclosed pond. A perfect example of sublime architectural quality, defined by space, material and light.

For the Ajmakan prototype villa the concept of the Cenote was translated in a compact spatial stacking of the different rooms, with an exciting internal space in between for disconnecting the different functions. By doing so we are able to position the different parts of the program exactly the way the client wants, and at the same time create architectural excitement. Thereby the concept is flexible and comfortable. Room positions can be altered to individual wishes, but the spatial concept stays the same.




carved-out interior



Central theme in this concept is the quality of the in-between space. This in- between space, the void, offers strategic views in different directions, both vertical and horizontal, while preventing the villa for an over exposure to the sun. Daylight is directed carefully and deep in to the house and at the same time the void functions as an effective tool for natural ventilation.

‘the void functions as an effective tool for natural ventilation’

With the materialization of the villa we aim to make slight differences between the interior and the exterior. Both surfaces are clad with natural stone, softly polished to a satin shine, but merely different in colour. The exterior facades appear in a more sandy colour, while the interior cladding is natural white.






site: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

client: the Land Holding

team: Michiel Hofman, Patrick Meijers, Jeroen Schipper

date: april 2015

size: 470 m2

costs: confidential


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